Healthcare Administration Capstone–2 power point slides for final project discussion

I need 2 power point slides that will be submitted for class discussion/peer feedback for my Healthcare Administration Capstone. The prompt: create an infographic for the mission, vision, and specific details stakeholders will want to know to gain their buy-in on the project.
Add your infographic to one or two slides and submit for peer feedback.

The assignment prompt for the information to include in speaker notes/writing is the very first part of an eventual final presentation/capstone project. The prompt is as follows:
Phase I—Introduction: In this section, you will give background on your organization, introduce the project that precipitates the strategic plan, and explain what your assessment tools and approach will be. Your introduction should include the following: 
A. The mission, vision, value statements, structure, and current community position of the organization 
B. The project topic that is the focus of the strategic plan, including the goal(s) of this project
I have included the topic introduction file here for reference which further explains my project/organization/goals, etc. 
The organization is Aurora St Luke’s Medical Center (, a part of Advocate Health ( I’ve also included the powerpoint slide of St Luke’s purpose(mission) and values. The project goal is to expand telehealth services for better chronic disease management of patients and follow-up visits after hospital discharge to reduce 30-day hospital readmissions.    

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