355 Assignment – Capstone Project Proposal Objectives, Strategies, and Background Analysis

For this assignment you will need to:

Write a 3-4 page paper in APA format with a minimum of 3 references. 

 Address the following Areas:

Project Objectives

  • The objectives are something you hope to achieve from doing the project


  • Strategies are the method you will use to reach the objectives you have set for your project

Background Analysis

  • This may also be called a situation analysis. This section you will need to discuss what is happening that made you decided to do your capstone project.
  • For example, the nurses at a facility are making a many medication errors. For your capstone project you decide you will try to reduce the number of medication errors from 10 every week to three a week. You will have to analyze why the errors are taking place. Maybe the lighting in the medication room is poor or maybe the nurses are working 70 hours every week.
  • You will also need to locate peer review articles that support you analysis.

Please use this template: attached below, along with the literature review for this topic

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